Sunday, January 31, 2016

Hanging Out In The Loft

I get up and I’m not feeling better. Hell, I ponder what to do, so I pay my credit card. Then consider that a trip to the tip was in order, so I went and got the trailor. The bloke next door was there so I asked if his parents were okay as I’d seen an ambulance around.
A while later I was back with an empty trailer. The wood all now gone, along with the dud battery the Greenies had given me last July, that had since been hanging aorund my garage.
I headed back into town in the car, free parking today and not enough energy to walk it anyway. I head to Wilkos and Iceland.
Back at home I get the ladder out and head up the trap door.
It is cool in the loft. Sometimes it is nice to hang out in the loft. It makes my head feel better.
Now the light in here wasn’t wired how I expected. Which was a problem. So I cut the wire, which I knew was then going to make it too short. So this meant a new plan of action.
A while later and the wiring is redone. And while the light switch may be on its side. At least it is now attached to something. Turning it round is an issue due to the incoming and outgoing cable lengths. I also found the old light fitting in the masses of insulation.
So the three areials are connected and areial booster is connected and the switch turned on. Does it work?
Not unless the areial is pointing in the right direction it doesn’t.
Thats better.
I get the TV to retune and
I now have more TV stations than a normal human being needs.
I go to the retro room and flick the all important red switch.
And off goes the Sony TV
Before you know it we have more channels on here than any human being ever needs too. All we need now is another TV for the spare room.
I put the wiring bits and peices away and the tools.
And whilst I’m in the garage I get out some bulbs and
Plant them in a new bed I’ve created.
Hopefully the borders will look prettier this year.
with that I put on the PS4 with a cup of tea.
But its no good its makeing my head hurt. So I switch it off and rest.

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