Thursday, January 07, 2016

I wonder which will be the better read?


Today is like yesterday, its kind of a repeat. I go to work in my dads car. I load it up, I bring it back to my house, unload it into my garage. And then I decide I need some food.


the freezer is empty and so I go to Iceland. I fill the trolley up with inexpensive items, then see the veg at 50p. Yep lots of veg goes in. oooh something for pudding tommorrow as well. And by the end of it


a little spend turns into a big one!


i take the big bag to my parents, along with my Dad’s car to have my own back. ohh whats this?


Its the Beerbods beer box, its arrived already!


I sit down, and my mom gets me some tea whilst I watch the cat and


Death in Paradise. Now with Death In Paradise you never know how it is going to come out. It bumbles on and then near the end, they come up with some exotic plot you’d never have seen, even if you where very clever. So its alawys good to watch to see what they have come up with a plot after all.


just like the cat.


On the way home it was blizzards. And as I went into the house I wandered if we would be snowed in by morning time!


I have a peak in the box and take out some leaflets.


I wonder which will be the better read?


Erm I must start going on the train again or I’ll never finish this!

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