Saturday, January 09, 2016

Instant Action


i wake up with that dam cough.


I open the curtains and look outside. Erm it looks cold.



dam cold.


I turn my PC on and for some reason look at my engery situation. And with that turn the heating up. Along with that I check out ebay for LG G4’s and Nexus 5’s. I’ve come to the budget conclusion that to get a new phone it needs to be less than £100, so that rules out the LG G4’s as all the ones I have bidded on have gone for big wonga.


i go down evenutally to make some breakfast, but what actually happens is I notice how dusty the kitchen is and I end up not only doing my laundary but also a complete clean of all the surfaces and items.


I ponder when it will resettle?


but wow the floor looks clean.


I leave the house to do the one important thing that needs doing badly, and that is to get my hair cut.


I have a lovely leeasurly wander around town, even walking to Aldi and buy a belt. Yeah just a belt. I also get a shirt and 4 DVD’s. I visit Wilko but there is nothing there I need.


the other thing I need is some cough mixture. I get my favourite. And you know what, after a gulp it has instant action and my thorat is better!


I decide to vacuum the whole house. Which leads to me moving the furntiture in the front bedroom.


And then I try a new layout in the back bedroom, which gets changed back.


but adjusted.


I change the fruit bowl to a sweetw bowl and


get the beers out of the BeerBods box. They need putting in the garage, but not tonight.


And with that I crack a Fallout beer open and watch the Office!


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