Friday, January 29, 2016


I get up, have a shower and get ready for work. As I havn’t got to do my dinner this morning I have time to hang around.

I hope they are sleeping well and I havn’t woken them.

I leave the house and

head to the station.

When the train arrives at Cannock it is only two carriages. So I guess they havn’t fixed the broken part. And the over crowding once more causes one of the passengers to faint. The emergency alarm is pulled and eventually the train pulls into Walsall with the conductor looking puzzlled about where the alarm has been pulled.

I check the displays that are not displaying properly and guess what? They are not displaying properly.

I ponder if they are ever going to wake wake up? I go for dinner at the chip shop and then during the afternoon I become ill again. How bad I feel. I cancel all the plans for the weekend. I'll be glad when its home time.

IMG_20160202_092505Home time just cannot come quick enough. I end up dozzing on the train. And once home I find my kitchen is freshly cleaned.

IMG_20160129_183527And with that I get a cup of tea and go straight to bed for an early night. Not really what I was looking forward to.


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