Sunday, January 24, 2016

The Great Outdoors


I start the day with Fallout 4. In fact I call my brother to discuss him coming down so we could play it togeather. As it happens he declines.


We do however try my first ever broadcast and here we go with him telling how to do what to improve my game


Yeah so this is exciting, but a change from me driving rally cars. I’m not sure how long the cast is up for but there you go. Be warned this is nearly 2 hours long!


At some point I get bored of the screen and want to do something physical. So


being a nice enough day I decide to get on with sorting out the mess the garage is in. Out comes the part dismantled sofa,


Out goes the old woredrobe that has colapsed shelving inside.


I tidy up put the tools inthe new lockable cabinet at the back.


I put the new shelves in and move stuff off the floor and out of the tardis cupboard.


Yeah it is so much better now.


The drive though is a mess. I fill the trailer with wood and other stuff, and the bin is filled as in the morning that will be emptied.


Some of the wood though I decide to make a fire with.


And wow does this wood burn.


Feel the heat. In fact it is worringly burning well, to the point I won’t leave it.


Sometime later I’m round my parents having Sunday dinner and playing with the cat.


And while I planted 80 bulbs in the garden, I never did plant the bush.

and with that I do my second broad cast only 30 minutes long and a bit more interesting, apart from the black bits where there was a broad band issue!!


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