Wednesday, January 13, 2016

What must the neigbours think?


Today I’m going to work in my dad’s broken car.


So lets hope it runs okay.


And where is the scraper??


So the car is loaded, I head home and park up. I’m not surprised, the MX5 has sat around for some4 weeks without use and the battery is dead. I try to jump it but no, the battery is well and tryuely dead. So on charge I put it. Now the MX5 is on the driveway and I need to shift it to put my dads car so that I can unload it into the back area of the house. At 10:30pm the battery is charged enough to get the roar of the MX5 engine going. I move the cars round and open the read hatch of my dads. now this was heavey when two people put it in the car. So I carfully lift it over the end and then seesaw it to the floor. Once there I drag it nosieyly down the drive, over the grass tot he side door of the garage. I open the door ad then complentate the big step up. A lot of banging later and its in. I got it in. Then I move stuff around the garage. Bang bosh clatter. With it in place I fill it up. I wonder what the neighbours think I’m doing. At 11:30pm thats good enough. I close the door and head to bed.

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