Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Whats it like in my lungs then?


I knew there was a reason for TV in the bedroom. Today I feel terrible. So I’ve not gone to work and my eyes hurt when I open them.


When I can I watch some youtube programs on the immigrantes in Calias. I didn’t realise how bad the problem was. I mean it is now dire. Its no wonder this year there was so many police around.


My chest hurst and I’m coughing, at last stuff is coming out.


But it not pleasant and worse still,


When I turn the hot water on and swill the sink this stuff is not shifting. What the hell must it be like in my lungs?


I ensure the germs are killed. I ought to spray it down my throat.


I play Fallout 4 when I feel better but end up settling in the retro room to


watch this Austrialin classic.


Slow isn’t the word for it. And by the end I’m no wiser about the story.


And with that I move the game cases into the retro room.

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