Saturday, February 06, 2016

6 Botellas od Rioja?


I get up, the post has come. I do some banking and


open the post. Interstingly there was a block paving flyer in with the post.


I download Autodesk Invetor sodtware or try. It is a very long download.


Will it work on my trusted powerful yet old desktop?


The other thing that came in the post was this.


Today I was going to have an easy day to carry on getting over my chest infection. Outside it is blowing a gale and raining, and inside above my window it is also raining? What the???


I get a screw driver and hack away the now soft plaster.


All the way to the brick. Erm it is comming through the top of the arch. The most minute gap. The thing here is, it doen’t mean that is where it is entering on the otherside. I go outside and confirm, theres a gale and its very wet outside. Bugger, and off I go to get a towel.


My parnets come round to take me to Asda. Yep I know how to live. I show my dad the issue above the window and before you know it,


We are in Wickes. We get what we need and move on.


To a door place. Now I’d like a windowed door to the tardis cupboard to let some light in during the day to the living room. But I wasn’t looking for one right now.


Now the External wall watersealer can’t be applied until the wall is dry outside. So that is a job for another day, up the ladder. The Maxi grout extra though is for


these. Yep two boxes of these and I’ll be now staying in for the month again!


I also had a black box come. Is it a Bomb? No. Is it a The Internet? No.


Is it 6 bottles of Rioja? No.


Anyway back to that leak. My dad told me a trick to route the water. Make a wick and the water will follow it. I remember those shoes laces from the ound shop. I ties a few togeather and


A little while later…..


It works a treat, and now I don’t have to water the plant as a bounus!


So in the Black box was another black box!


The thing about this black box is, there is no AV lead, and none of the AV leads I have fit! IMG_20160206_190035

Yep thats right. It would appeart Sega changed the conection on each machine. Grovey and on to Ebay.


So along with Wipeout I also have Sega Rally. Not that I was ever meant to have Sega Rally for the Saturn, I was trying to get it for the Dreamcast. What a cock up. that was unitl I won a Sega Saturn, that in fact I didn’t really want once I’d got the Dreamcast and read about it. However now I have it and in fact now I have it on the Dreamcast too thanks to Deadmanjones and A Gentlemans Relish. Although I don’t actually yet have it.


I move things around in anticipation anyway.


And with that I play Dirt 3. Man I’m so good at this game.


I have a really good stinit at it and then go and playfall out 4. Which was all I was planning on doing this weekend!


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