Sunday, February 28, 2016

Bloody Car


As it happens I wake up way before 9am. I put the trailer on the back of the car and then look at the time again.


I’ve got time to cook me up some brekfast! So in with the bacon and eggs the classic way.


Sara and Les tunr up in there cars. And we get ready to set off in three. Only mine won’t start. What! Fuming fuming I was. In the hope it was a flat battery I get out the charger and put it on. Yes it recons it is flat,


Dead flat! Why would it start yesterday and then be dead this mroing with a run here. Baffelled, I leave the optimate on to see if it will recover the batter or weather it has suddenly failed. And with that we go in two cars. So we get there, where we are picking the furniture up from. The table goes in the one car, the chairs in another and the bottom bit of cupboard n Sara’s. The top cupboard though won’t fit. I use a tape measure and low and behold it is 20mm too long for my trailer to. I measure it again and the bloke says” I love it your hoping it has shrunk”. They agree to keep it for a while until I get my car going again and we can sort something out.


We drop the furniture off round the Greenies and then Les takes me home, where I ask him if he minds going to the tip so I can get rid of the old fire. He’s happy about that. And then I ask if we can go to the butchers, he’s happy about that. And after the tip I ask if we can go to Argos, as I’ve got some stuff to collect, and he’s okay with that, but looks amused when I tell him Argos is in the center. He didn’t know it existed. And as we walk from the car to Argos, I say I also need some beer bottles. He looks at me and asks “where the hell are you going to get some beer bottles from?” “Wilko”, I reply. “really?” he says. We get to Argos and whilst there picking up the bits I ordered yesterday mroning I also see if they can do me a white bookcase. Yes they have one, so yes i take one. And then we go to Wilkos. Not only do we get beer bottles, another expense for the home brew, we also get bottle tops, anther expense for the home brew, but I also need a bottle top putter oner. Antoher expense for the home brew. Hell this is wqorking out to be the dearest hoebrew ever! I alos show Les the air freshers that wilko do at £1.50 rather than the branded £7.95 ones. He gets one to try out.


Les leaves, I can’t think of anywehre else to take in Cannock other than indoors for a cup of tea. He refuses! I get the snowdrops and get planting them


and a few other things too.


the garden looks good.


well to me.


Indoors I set the electronic timers so that I don’t have to listen to the mechanical ones wind away in the background anymore driving me nuts in the silence.


And then I decide to make that bookcase.


Here we go and


a short time later


It is done. All I need now is something to put in it. For now though I will put this lava lamp on it!


i look into my garden and wish the snowdrops well.


Regretably the plant sara brough me when moving in died, I’d say this morning. after 18months it did pretty well in my hands!


As i walk down the stairs I ponder if Rosie sorted out her staircase carpet or not?


and head to the Spread Eagle to meet my family for Sunday lunch.


It was busy and we had to wait a short time for a table.


And really there was no need to look at the menu.


for we were all going to have a Sunday carvary,


so yummy and now a full tummy.


As I return home I check under the bonnet of the Skoda, well look at that.



It reckons its managed to recover the battery.


So I give it a go and yep the car starts. Thankgod for that, I go in and go to bed happy.


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