Friday, February 26, 2016

I guess I like Crumble more than beer!!!!!


An early morning start, car loaded with tools and wood, and unlikely as it might be, the M6 was empty. Which meant I got to Leigh early.


I found the nearest McDonalds and enjoyed a breakfast.


Once ordered I called my college to advise where I was. I sent him the post code that was on my receipt and he was on the way. I got them a tea and awaited their arrival. By which time it was time to leave!


The meeting concluded early, but went on for a while longer but by 1pm we got to leave. I called Rosie to see if she was about and headed over. Now on the way up this morning I pondered weather the plumber would really want a loft hatch or not, and if not, it would surely still be up there, somewhere surely? Wouldn’t it? Rosie told me someone had already looked for it in there and it wasn’t there. I got the ladders out of the car go up, making sure she was most definitely holding onto them at the bottom. And stick my head into what isn’t complete darkness, to my surprise! With the aid of the trusted telephone torch I took a look around and there buried in the masses of insulation is the loft hatch complete with loft insulation bonded onto it like it should have been. So the job in hand was going to be a lot easier than one first imagined! With the loft hatch back in place, and the light bulb replaced, she could turn the heating on again knowing that she was not just keeping God warm but herself also, and on this occasion me!


This meant we had plenty of time to burn together. I’d brought her one of my special expensive Lilies, which looks ugly right now, but in the summer should be something special, and keeps the cats away that she is trying to with lemon and pepper.


Then I got to play in her horse pooh enriched soil. That is where we will plant it and dig a hole. We garden for a while, and then go shopping for tea. But not only is she going  to cook me tea she is going to make me a crumble too. I watch eagerly as she does it.


Meanwhile I do a diagram for her room she wants to rent out. Her friend Gene comes round to eat with us and play. I’m not sure I wanted to share the crumble I had had to wait so long for, as it looked so delicious. And as it happens was!


Rosie got a game out to play. You should note the name of this game. as me and Gene worked out.


You see Rosie likes this game a lot. And she was masterful at this game, and had worked out in detail the required moves to win! Hence why she likes it I guess!


I’d like to confirm who won the first round, but won’t. However for the second round, myself and Gene played a strategically different game.


It should be noted though.


It wasn’t me who won! By the time we had finished it was 11:30pm and time for me time run home as fast as I could after sharing a lovely afternoon and evening.


Which was a real pain really, as originally I was looking forward to having a beer with Alan. He even made me a bed for the night! I guess I like Crumble more than beer!!!!!


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