Thursday, February 11, 2016

If Your Clever You’ll notice something. If Your Very Clever You’ll Notice Something Else.


After the train I look at my phone. Alan is bragging about how good his phone battery is now. On mine I just make it through a day, whihc for a Nexus 5 is good. So the things that are using the most battery power are the Screen, Facebook and Google Play Services. Which is odd because I’m hardly using Facebook at the moment.


I have chat with Alan. A man chat. Which for men goes well, on the phone at least. I think they want me to go to the Isle of Wight Festival. But I know that my purse right now is tight. Well I keep buying all these games when I’m not well.


A while latter I get off the bed and deciee to somethng useful.


I get the can of expanding foamout and some large screw drivers. Whilst I have tried in the past to get the plastic sills off the windows, they wouldnt budge. Tonight however there was movment. And there is the bottom gap of the window frame.


There actually isn’t anything wrong with the original wooden sill which is underneather and covered. Yes it need some paint. And yes the PVC is easier to clean.


I do the smaller window too, which is harder but evenutally gives in.


And so I stick the nosel under the window frame and let loose.


And the same with the smaller window. Job done here as I’ve run out of foam. I’ll get some more tommorrow.


I’ve had some parcels. Now if you clever you’ll notice something. If your very clever you’ll notice something else.


We will start with Sonic the Hedgehog as I played Tombraider last night with the other copy I had brought. Doh.


I boot up the system


I selct my character.


And then we play in the 3D world.


Yeah Sonic is good.


Fast and furisous. At must for any collector.


Next is Toy Racer, and here as I’ve read, The Dreamcast was in fact the first console to go online in a big way. And most of the games I have here, have an online option.


However the servers are probably not working, but I’ll look into this and also replacing the dialup module in the unit a with a cable one. You can even use the machine as a web browser.


So for those of you that were very clever, you would have notice that this is in a different box. And is in fact a USA version of the game.



Which means you need one of these discs! a DC-X disc. I go to Retro Towers but no they don’t have any in stock. I wonder if there is an ISO download somewhere!

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