Tuesday, February 02, 2016

One of One As In One


So when your at home, lefargic and not well there is something really nice that can happen. Something that comes through the letter box, something unexpected. Something from Gallifrey!


Yay I got a post card. Something that doesn’t happen very often?


oooh it is one of one as in one. What are they trying to say? Either way it is a nice surparise to get one and makes me smile and read the large text I do.


I vaguely look into block paving and the rules.


And occasionaly I write my blog from August last year. I’ve got August to do and September and a bit of October. And then I watch I give it a year. My mind is numb, I am bored, this illness is killing me and so is the boredem!


I give Dirt 3 a go. Is my head well enough to play for a change. Having tried before it gives me an immediate headache.


Looking good, I seem to be able to concentrate again.


ohhhh yeah this is fun.


In fact I’m smoking. Well I’ll have to youtube that then!


And to finish the night I watch some classic Dr Who on the Horror Channel and then have an early night.

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