Sunday, February 21, 2016

Please Phone Me


I get up and have a shower. As far as I’m aware they have no water meter here. A gas meter yes but no water meter. I admire the tiles, Zoe has cleaned them so that they look new. And shes not kidding. This inspection adds time to the showering experience.


I get up and admire my hair once more. 


I read the gardening book, This idea of using guttering to grow plants on walls looks great.


At last I’m learning what plants are what.


I also search ebay for a new screen for my phone. This looks just the job, it comes with all the tools to do it.


I read the instructions carefully and note that I should do it when not feeling rushed. I then order the kit.


I relax with Mr Tickel, one of my favourite positions.


Whilst arranging my Flickr photos and watching George play Fallout 4.


He is doing a bit I’ve done. So will he do it better?


As it happens


He also gets the bobble head. Yeah thats groooovoey.


Breakfast comes and is as nice as ever. Do they realise feeding me like this only incourages me to want to come back? Do they? Do they know it makes me want not to leave too?


We put on the Elder Scolls online that downloaded yesterday and play it for many hours. I’m not really that taken with it, I’d rather return to Skyrim, this is just more of the same and I havn’t finished Skyrim, so why take on another challange.


Zoe is not happy about the state of my jeans, she gets out her trusted sewing machine. With my short legs they all end up like this


eeek. She pins them up and gets close to my feet. She doesn’t like getting close to my feet, and she doesn’t like seeing my feet without socks on. I don’t know why, they are nice feet, and overall don’t smell. My socks may smell, my trainers may smell, but my feet are lovely little things. I will give you my nails may need trimming sometimes.


As it happens she does me proud. Wow they look great again.


She has made me happy and then Rosie turns up with her beaming smile.


And we settle down to play Skyliner 3000. Apparently Zoe and Alan love it.


Which is real nice to hear, as I was worrid when chossing this, it might not be there thing, being a more simplier game.


As it happens, Nack was going off the game as Rosie built a big Green tower on the space I wanted to build a big orange tower. Thats that then, that was my only hope of doing some good in the game. I might as well jack in. I was miffed. I was well miffed.


As it happens though, when I came to my senses, while all was lost, not all was lost afterall.


A few more turns and


it was the end of the game and time to score up.


Do you see that? I’m not sure how it happened either.


Yeah I won with 75.


And I even decided to forgive Roise with her so sly gameplaying against me. Hell its hard enough to beat Alan and Zoe without being completely ganged up on.


And with that its quiet late, time to pack up, time to pack the bags and time to drop Rosie off home too with those curtains.


An hour later and I get home. Sitting on my dinning table are two car parts, off my car and a message “Please Phone Me”. Hell this is going to cost me then. I’ll do it in the morning!


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