Wednesday, February 03, 2016

The Return


Well the alarm goes off, am I well another morning to return to work or not? I’m sure?


I get up anyway.


It takes me longer than usual and if I was going on the train I would miss it. So I’m going to have an easy day


in the car or so I thought.


On the way home things got worse.


There was a horrible grinding noise and I was hoping the alternator pulley had given up the ghost. But when I got to my parents I lifted the bonnet, ad no the noise was not coming from there?


It was more like down here. Oh no look at that.


The air clutch pulley has come off and is grinding into the car body! Lucky really as it could have gone for a mad spi around the engine bay or through the radiator. So that was a rubbish way to end a hard day or not feeling great anyway.


All I really wanted to do was hit the sofa a nd relax. I got a DVD out and put on


Starwars Return of the Jedi. Just like me going back to work Winking smile.


Ah he hasn’t changed at all.


And neither has Princess Leia. And with that image in my head I went to bed.


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