Wednesday, February 17, 2016

This is The Entrance But Not The Entrance We Used


i would like to say the plot thickens, but there seems to be a lack of plot, you mind is taken off the plot for everyone is dying.


How will it end, and the end is coming fastr, but we are some 150 pages away. Anything could happen. Unless they all dye.


I eat the pasta dinner I created myself last night, but was good enough to portion half of it for todays dinner, rather doing what i do most nights and eating the lot!


At homeI find my brother has come round, his car is parked outside.


and for once my battery on my Nexus five is doing really well.


ohh I have had some post!


How exciting for my brother


as I put each of them on before we head out for some tea.


I take us to Padma, and while this is the entrance, this isn’t the entrance we used.


We went around the back but could not open the door, that looked lie the front door, but wasn’t! Anyway I waved at the waiter who let i=us in the front door, that wasn’t the front door, it was the emergency exist. Now you may think thisa stupid, but there was a sign pointing at it daying, do you fancy a curry!


We sit we order, and as I have some company I have a beer, a Cobra beer.


The popadoms come, all cut up!


And our mains come to. A chicken Jalfreza each. How else could we rate the place. For this is the first time we have been to this curry house.


In fact this is the first curry I have been out for this year! The nan bread also comes cut up!


Here there is a neat function of calling for a waiter using tech.


But there is no need. Service is good, service is slick, no balti dishes though.


They say that I say that you can tell the quality of a curry hoiuse by the gents toliets. And here they are spick and span.


And so that concludes the meal and we exist via the entrance! The real entrance, the one your meant to use!


Back at home i turn the fire on


and get ready for some more adventures and broadcasting from the wasteland.


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