Thursday, February 04, 2016

Today I Have No Choice


Another Morning another letter to resend back as addresse unknown. When will these letters stop coming?


As the car is broken I have no choice but to catch the train. Maybe the exercise will do me good?


I listen to my music.


Even on the way home I’m not interested in reading. Perhaps this is the wrong book?


At home I have some parcels awaiting me. The Retro gamer back issue for the Sega Dream Cast and


The fire has come! I get the back board of the fireplace wall and yes this fits in the hole. Although the original hole is too high! Now I need a new background.


Now I turn it on at first using the moulded plug on it. And then I chop that off. I do this as there is a permanet 3 way plug for the installed fire. So I unscrew the plug ad note the wire colours and mark the live pin. There appears to be no markings on the plug.


Then I drop the plug and it all falls apart. Um. I pick it up to put all the compentes toeagjter when I see the on the plug there are connection markings hidden under the pins. Hold on wasn’t that the netrual. I look at the photo and then at the plug again. Yep it looked like the neutral. Thining I  may be wrong or it may have just been wired incorrectly I undo the socket. Well look at that. It is wired backwards. No I would have normally changed it round, but this cable goes to a fixed wired switch behind something. So I can only imagine its wired back to front to there to. So I wire it as it was, all back to front! Well the fire work but what I really wanted was just a nice looking glowing fire for those cold night. Not to use it as a fire. The central heating here is good enough.


One of the other parcel that came was the Dreamcast, I wire it in and then tune it in to an Analogue channel. Luckily my telly has the old tunner. And then power it up. The light comes on!


And we have a rather spanking picture.


I put a game on that is a puzzel game and then.


Ready to Rumble. A boxing game.


Now I’d like to think I could win a boxing game but this was hard. So very very very hard! But wow the graphics of this machi9ne are really good!


And with that I find a proper home for it and call it a night.


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