Saturday, February 27, 2016

Wear Pants! X


I wake up knowing I have several things to do today. Mending my car being the most important. I call my dad and checkthe part has come. I’d better get up then.


I look in the Argos catalogue for an RCD plug and some eletric timers and order them from the Cannock branch. Unbelieveably they are ready for collection in an hour. And thats the little town center branch not the one on the outskirts of town.


I also check out the cupboards. I could do with one for the back bedroom in white.


And look that trimmer I have won on ebay is £149.99 here.


I get up and change the fuse again in the plug that I’m buying the RCD for.


The bling cups I brought when shopping with Rosie go in postion in the bathroom.


Yeah, bling nice!


And then I head around my dads to sort the car out. So here is the Air conditioning compressor on the car and the second hand one on the drive, dripping some fluid out of it. And on the brick the old cluth pulley that had come off and is now damaged.


So time to get the pulley off the second hand unit.


This looks fine with all the internal teeth unlike the old one.


I check the bearing, its a bit worn too, dam it. I wonder how long we will get out of it. Mind it is better than spending £320 on a new compressor at this point.


So I clean it up


fit the first part in place and put the circlip in position to holdit in place.


Then we fit the cluth pully. An tap it in place with a wooden mallet.


With plenty of locktite on the bolt, the bolt is fitted and tightened as much as possible. Which isn’t a lot as the clutch rotates. But to as its only a small bbolt it should only need about 20NM. Which isn’t very much.


In place I turn the engine on and then get my dad to press the ecomony button on and off on the heater control unit. Yep it engages and disenages right.


I ponder with this number if it is possible to find a replacment cluth or not. I’d already looked on the internet and found others, but not one for this denso compressor.


With the car back togeather I give her wash and vacuum. And then head indoors for dinner made by my mom and also to go through all the boxes that come for me.


Look what was in the big box!


Its hard to contain the exctiment.


I’m not joking. I plug the battery in the charger and then assemble the unit. I find that the unit is complete apart from 4 self tapping screws. Something I can deal with.


With the unti built and the battery charged, I strim my parents garden fo them! So the best thing about this is it comes with a lithum ion battery and the charger you need for it. These will work with my other tools, which need a new battery which would have cost the same without the strimmer. So for once I do seem to have got a bargan. And strimming will be so much better now without a long dangly wire.


I put all my parcels in the car and head home.


It is nice to have my big car back after all these weeks without it.


Don’t get me wrong the small one is fun, but to see say ALan and Zoe it costs a bit.


One of my other packages is snowdrops, about one hundred of them! They will need doing another day!


A need to do my banking but my PC has a virus still. I run the checker again but make it more agressive. This time it reckons its killed it for good. But what it has actually done is killed my boot sector! Its time to call it quites and start again. Time to say goodbye and send it to the technician called my brother.


I eventually settle on the sofa. Mrs Green would like a hand with some furniture she has brought.


However the dimensions of the furniture she wishes to collect are a mystery. I go out into the cold wet and darkness of outside and measure the trailer.


It would appear though pants is more important a subject than dimensions!


So she talks me into wearing pants and being up ON A SUNDAY BY 9am. The cheek of it!


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