Thursday, March 10, 2016

A Day By The Sea And White Mountains


This morning I get up early, for me very early,


I get breakfast and head out north, to my bosses house


And from there we head further north. The weather had certainly greeted us well and we have a love drive around the Lake District and then back south. Having arrived early we get to call into St. Bees. We get out of the car and I feel the sea calling me as ever.


Whilst it is sunny it is certainly fresh. There is no sand to see today the tide is in.


Well this is it then, time to get our asses kicked, but as it happens, things don’t work out like that.


Some hours latter, we are home, we are past the white moutains that I could snowboard down, and that my boss could see me looking dreamily at. I open the front door and


there through the letter box is a leaflet about composters. I know, for gods sake I asked for one. Then it occurs to me. Have they delivered it and I’ve just walked right past it?


Yes they have, and they left it exactly where I requested it.


I move it to the back garden, somewhere warm,


not to far from the back door, and somewhere that will stop the garage door opening to wide. And with that I get some tea and head to bed, as tommorrow I’m up at the crack od dawn again.


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