Friday, March 04, 2016

Big Load


I get up and get ready for work, as I leave the front door I think how nice it looks with the daffs outside.


On the train I listen to some Dave Gahan, which puts me in a good mood.


During the journey Sarah asks if we cansomehow go and get the second part of furniture as the seller wants it moved, promptly. So I say yes and ask her to meet me at the station on the way home. As it happens the train is always prompt so don’t be late. I advise the two trains I might be on and the fact that every night so far this week I have missed the first train. She agrees and I look forward to seeing her and using my trailer once more. How we are actually going to shift it is another matter. But it occours to me the trailer sides and maybe rear plate come down.


And with that I look at the train information sign pndering why I havn’t heard th train rumble in.


As it happens the train is late, so very very late on this occassion.


Late enough to mean that I need to ring work to let them know I’m going to be late in. When the train does rumble in the driver gets out and asks where I’m going, as I’m standing next to the doors next to the drivers door. “This is the train to Birmingham New Street?” “Yes it is, but it wont be going there.” “Well I’m going to Aston.” “It won’t be going there either, it wont be going past Hamstead, does the sign not say that?” “No it just says the train is delayed”. With that he enters the carriages and shouts this infomration to all the other commutters. I head to the help desk, where they confirm it won’t be going past Hamstead, nor if I catch the other train to New Street and Back out the other way as that has a broken junction too! “So when is the next train to Cannock then?” I enquire. They look confused. “But you want to go to Birmingham"?!?” “ not any more” “Well there is one in five minutes”


Yep they were right about that. And as soon as I got on it London Midland made and announcement “This train will only stop at Cannock and Hednesford. Anybody wanting any other stations please get of this serivce.” Man I had a personal train all to myself. IMG_20160304_090900

Its got to be said, when the train doesn’t stop between Walsall and Cannock


it is a pretty swift service.


As you can imagine I had to call work to say I was going to be some time now.


Back at home I find the key.


And she starts once more. I call Sara and advise that there is a new plan. She should meet me at my house instead, and I may just get to work.


And once at work someone is asking me about train travel to Manchester. More to the point they are telling me the train I have got a ticket for doesn’t exist. It does though and with that they I presume as they tell me are buying a ticket. Although they tell me not to tell the persont hey are going to see, so it wil be a surprise. So you may think type this here is a bit old, but its not.


What I can tell you is that Sara did meet me at my house. And we did get the trailer fitted and we did go and get the furniture. I balanced it on top of the trailer and then made sure it was well tied down. Very well. As the block who sold it to us said, I don’t think its going ot come off now. And that was the idea. Personaly Sara I said, unlike the way we came, we could do with a route without spped humps. Some 30 mintues later we were in Covn and it was in one peice. Out came tea and scrable.


Mr Green first day at his new job had gone well, and he is looking forward to the Morrisions grocier discount for staff. Now of all the words I could think of Funnel. Not worth much though.


I do still like play scrabble. The intensity of the game with these pair though….


Well it ended with me only needing one tile, But Sara pipped me at the post. And with all that brain strain it was time to home to bed.


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