Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Getting It Up At Last


I wake up having sleeped so well, I feel so fresh, it is great. Usual when I leave Alan and Zoe’s I try to leave by 10pm no matter how much I want to stop longer. I guess though they might be glad I leave, eventually. I have learned not to make myself too tired.


As I eat breakfast I admire my handy work around the window. I’m so sad – in a happy way.


The drive to work has been interesting, traffic, accidents and now this.


A lorry doing a tight reversing manoveure!


The day at work goes well. I even hear from Beth, which is really nice.


And as it happens, just at the same time some else suggests Steve gets a bit cleaner too.


At home I put on Project Cars and play whilst I await my parents coming round. Aparently my dad wants some of the plastering tools to do some work in his own house.


But also tonigh is the night the IKEA shelf goes up. We mark where it is going to go, I get the drill out and my dad gets some special drill bits out for going through tiles and, and , and what is that, for drilling safes!


As it happens it goes through the tiles very slowly and I would liek to say easily. But the work area is awkward. So it is not easy.


It is up though and


I get to use it straight away!


I could do with another to go above it.


Once my parents go, its over to GTAV to join the others. Hold on whats this, I need to do an update? And so off it goes, until it gets to about 80%.


Then it slows down, right down. I ponder if I will ever get to play. But eventually I do, and you know who played this last round my house. It was Zoe as the controls are back to front. I change them and that makes no difference to my appalling playing! But it was fun Smile.


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