Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Halo Jones


So I’m finding it easy to fill in the food counter. And I’m getting an idea of the energy in each meal I’m having, and also its weekly effect.


While at the station I go the message Alan doesn’t want a frame, but for me to buy someone in th world a drink. How so unselfish. I get on with filling out the just giving form, for the web page to get stuck just after I pressed the confirmed button. Erm we all love that. I wait and wait and wait before I give in. And with that I’m going to wait a few hours before trying and checking my email.


Knowing I ate a lot on Saturday and that Chineese isn’t good for you I put it in the calculator to see what the result would be. Well shcking really!


Which wasn’t helped by all those biscuits either!


For dinner though, I’m being good as usual.


So yummy!


And high calorie covenient snacks, although low in fat. And with that


I see happy memories. I wonder how they are all getting on.


I add lunch in.


And write a card to someone and slip it into the post.


On the train home, London Midland seems to have gone potty. They must have a lot of non used budget, as they have on properganada mad. They are bragging that they are getting things 86% right. And not only that, its the best they have done in three years. There are some things you should keep to yourself.


I mean its everywhere.


Very ecological.


I they had only asked I would have been only to willing to have filled in a questionaire. Was it a select few passengers who were asked?


And with that I spent the night putting software on the PC.


And wrapping presents up for someone inparticular.


I wonder who that could be?


One hopes they like the gifts and don’t burn them. As I was roganised, well to a point!


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