Sunday, March 13, 2016



Wow it looks nice outside. I’m really glade I didn’t go to Brum with Mr Poade. Erm look at that grass.


A while later I have cooked upo a fest, I must be feeling hungrey. I sit outside and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine.


I then decide to make a flatter and leveller base for that composter. All those spare bricks come in handy, along with the soil that is decompossing that I was storing under the Christmas tree. Not perfect but good enough.


Acutally it is nicely positioned to the back door without being too close, its in a sunny position like the instructions say to do so, and it also will help block the wind from the drive area.


Whilst it is a bit early in the year, I decide it is time to get the mower out.


And it was, the right thing todo. The mower struggled in places with the long grass. But in the end it all got done. I relaxed for a while in the garden, when my hangover suddenly kicked in. It just sudeelny happened.


After a rest, I decided to build a flower bed in the front under the privet.


And with that done I got time to play Fallout 4 for an hour.


Before heading around my parents to play with the cat.


She seems to like me visiting more and more these days.


Just like my mom really.


We have Sunday dinner and then I go home.


As I go to bed, I see a twit from Zoe, Alan did you really sleep on a park bench? Really? L.M.F.A.O………..


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