Thursday, March 17, 2016



As I’m at the station, it occurs to me that the landfill is closer to the platform than I originaly thought.


I sit at Walsall in the cold with my cold. Last night I didn’t sleep much because of it and for some reason I’ve decided to get up and go to work.


This is an obvious mistake.


I read what the metro says about the budget.


I’m no wiser really. I’m either not an average person, they don’t want to admit I’m and average person or they are just twisting things and I’ll be no better off so I’m not worth mentioning.


ohhh there is some new Big Bang Theory on tonight.


At work I’m fuelled by cold powdwer and Jazz even comes over and disinfects me and my area with detol aersol spray after yet another sneezing session.


Well you know what was for lunch? That pasta with lots of chilli and a couple dribbles of snott.


On the way home I call into Morrisions dor a loaf. And they basket starts filling.


They will do for that flower bed I made in the front of the house.


And with that I curl up on the sofa, put the fire on and try and watch The Big Bang Theory.


SOme of it is good, some of it is real good, but they were the bits I had my eyes open for. Eventually I wake up and drag myself to my bed, I guess that is what happens when you didn’t sleep the night before.


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