Wednesday, March 02, 2016

No Capacitor


Today is goint to be more intresting, more interesting because I’m going to start reading a new book, more intresting because I’ve got to choose a book to start with. I browse the books yet to be read.


And struggle with what to choose. As the moments tick by before I desperatly need to be out of the door, I plumb for


the Invisable Library.


And with the Metro put to one side I begin.


On the way home the second train is slightly late, on top of the fact I have missed the first train home. Normaly this wouldn’t be so bad, but tonight I’m off to Sara’s for tea.


And as usual I get four seats on the the forth carriage to enjoy. Tonight though


After tea we play on Sara’s new table Fluxx. Good job I have forgotten how to play, and tonight it is The Wizard of Oz Fluxx whihc I’ve not played. IMG_20160302_213655

It’s slow going at first,


But after the first go and everyone has got the concept play speeds up.


I’d like to say I didn’t win, and to cheer up those who didn’t win we played Uno after.


I got a message about the fridge I’d seen on Shpock and yes collecting it tommroow will be fine.


You can imagine the beer will be greatful about that.

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