Saturday, March 05, 2016

The Alternative Mothering Sunday


The grass is growing well in certain areas. I get up and head to my parents. Today I’m taking them out for Mothering Sunday. Yes I know its Saturday, but your more likely to get better service today, than the overcrowded places that arn’t up to the task.


My mom wanted to go for a chineese and so I took them to Birmingham, not the center but near where I work. The Wing Wha!


Where we can have a buffet, which will please my dad.


We seat, we drink Green Tea and we eat. My brother and dad have beer as it happens.


Once we are feed and our bellies are full we go to the Wing Yip supermarket.


Its all weird stuff in here. My mom buys a few things and then says she had enough of the place. The first time I’ve ever known her say that about a supermarket.


On the way back I call into the Range, to mainly get some pain in preparation of when I do the back room.


I see some curtains that look like they will be suitable for the front room. All I need to do now is find £65 quid.


I also consider doing the bathroom floor again. And note down the prcies.


For the weekly shopping I talk everyone into going to Tesco becuase I have a £5 voucher. At the check out desk my brother goes first and is given a £6 voucher for his next visit, which he passes to me. And I pass mine to my Dad. The man on the desk says I can’t use the £6 vouchor the same day as recevining it but tries to put it through and to his amazement it works. And when we get to the car I asked my dad if he used the £5 one. No he said, its out of date, it says March 2017. I look at him and say that can’t be right they only sent it me last week. And would you know it, that was the date it was valid from!


Anyway I got some larger jeans for my ever expanding waste line. They are of course as short as you can get them, but way too long.


And tonight I’m staying in. So I go and check the beer fridge is working correctly and decide to have beer.


This one is nicely chilled and recommended by Alan.


And with that I make another exciting episode of FallOut 4 Played Beadly by Me, that is played very badly by me.


It can be said though I enjoyed playing badly though.


And all was nice.


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