Friday, March 11, 2016

To Hull And Back O.F.A.H.


Another morning, another adventure.


Today though I await to be picked up. We head north again only this time to the East, through the fog, we could be anywhere.


But as we reach Hull the ground cloud clears and we are here, a nice day for it too, not so pretty, not so radioreactive! We get the job done, and what I thought may have been a slight waste of time wasn’t at all. And so we head back.


At home I got to the TJHughes that isn’t TJHughes in Cannock, I get a new bed set, not what I went for and having just got my credit card bill I give the opticans a nudge to once side – for this month anyway. I do some soldering of some lamps that need fixing, only thing is I do the soldering under the fire alarm. How dam annoying!


I remember the Brasso I got and you know what, it does work better on car lenses than toothpast. And then that makes me think, Would it work on the the guey and now dirty mess of where the old vynal house number was on the front door. You know what it does! Wow so clean now!


And I take a moment on the phone to contact the credit card company. There’s a charge on there I don’t understand. I understand the charge but I don’t understand why I’ve been charged. So out of the twenty odd Paypal tranactions one has been put through as cash, and that equates to 28% interest. The conversatio goes on but at the end of the day if I’d known it was going to go through as a cash transaction I wouldn’t have authorised it, and I didn’t aurthosie it. And shouldn’t they have notified me or made it clear if it was? If all twenty had gone through as cash transactions I would have ended up with a big bill. Aparently there is nothing they can do about that, and I need to be careful, however on this occasion they will remove the charge and the interest. Though to me this remains a bit worrying! If I hadn’t already left my feedback for this seller it would have been very negative.


As darkeness falls it appears the solar lights are working once more.


I settle in for the Friday night.


Put my relaxing mood lighting on


and enjoy my lava lamps.


I check my travel for the morning, yes out again


And I’ve never doen it this way before.


Will it work out?


I find my tickets out


And get ready for bed. Look at that,


These lamps are working too.


And with that I go to bed to dream about the advneture of tommorrow and what it might bring.


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