Friday, April 01, 2016



Getting to work this morning was nice, only 30 minutes.


Wvwn better is the fact the cars ecomony has come back after putting that fuel treatment in. Do I have a dirty injector then?


At dinner time I go to the chip shop with Calam, we walk even though it is cold. And we eat in the one and only table. I have chicken Kebab meat and chips, he has kebab meat and chips.


Well looking out mof my bubble I see some publisty bull. As usual its already been decided. But what we the public need to know, what is in it for Tata, and what is in it for the Government. Only once this has been answered will we learn what we should already know.


Back at home it is the begining of the month so that means two things, I need to check my meters and change the bedsheets.


I havn’t used this set yet. But it sure is swell.


And I change the bedding in the room I’m sleeping in.


Which makes a lot of laundry, as well as my weekly wash. I am though on this occassion going to take it round my parents to have it done there.


I look at my garden, I smile, I realy love my garden now. I never knew I would when I brought the place.


I havn’t given up with this plant yet. But it might have.


in my four bergonia pots there is life.


But is it bergonia?


I open the app and then get the readings


And put them in. Did I manage to use less this month after last months extreme? 300 units of elect and 100 of gas. Well the gas is better.


I tell Matt the way to Tenby from my house. He seems keen, and it is one of my favourite drives. I get some good news about tomorrow, so I have something to do I wasn’t expecting. Yay.


And with that I spend the night watching the washing machine go round and round.

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