Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Feel Good Energy


Today is a day we say goodbye, to a pair of well known glasses.


And if I’m honest if it wasn’t for the Metro I would have never have know.


Well I wasn’t called.


I can recall back in my child hood watching the Two Ronnies on a Sunday night and it ending with the arm chair annicdotes. What a class act, if he could tell just one story it would have been the one about Tenby.


As I turn the page I feel like I might be being laughed at.


Have I been suckered in.


At dinner time I go to the canteen.


And todays is as yummy as yesterdays.


There has been an email about “lottiering” in the reception at dinner time. So instead I lottier in the car park, afterall its a lovely day. Then I lottier in someones car. We lottier in there togeather. Today though we don’t discuss dogging in Cannock.


I work late as I have a meeting tommorrow, hell that means I need to get out of bed again early, and when I settle in for the evening I decide for tea I’ll have cheese on toast.


As it cooks it smells devine and looks yuumy.


On the plat it looks yummy.


And in the mouth it tates yummy!


And with that I right up some blog Benway style and consider that Sundays post is to big to do tonight! And with that its Goodnight from me, and good night from him, Goodnight


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