Monday, April 18, 2016

I Sign On The dotted Line.


I get up and have breakfast. Today though although I have brought a ton of veg, I’ve decided to not make lunch.


Will week two be any better on the train. At tleast the weather has started off better.


I play with my photos and then read the metro on the train.


I read a page that is more interesting than the front page. Yep a page dedicated to gardens.


At dinner time I go to the canteen, as I’ve decided to give it a weeks trial now it has reopened. It may well work out better for me, a proper meal in the day and salad at night instead?


As it happens £3.50 lighter i get a nicely cooked dinner.


I get the later tain home, and sit on the fourth carraige where for a change I have to share a table seat.


I walk home and ponder what it is I should do for the night. As it happens I decide to look at my energy traffic once more. It ends at the end of May and need to have choosen something else to take over the tarrif. I go to the money saving expert energy club web site. I put in my details and watch the list of savings come up.


The first option, once reading the reviews isn’t good. So here is the second option which some poeople have tried and reviewed with mixewd feelings. There is a saving of £83 a year though on what I am paying present.


Next up is GB energy, with and £82 pound saving. I also go in a random search on the web to see what is on offer. My there are some ludicrous tarrifs out there including Sainburys Energy, which wasn’t what I was expecting from them. No necter points from there then.


And as I don’t believe this websites I decide to do my own spread sheet. I look up the details and fill them in.


Would you believe it though, the Money Saving Expert one thinks the same way I do. So here is wha I pay now and a break down of how it works out.


Here is Gnery.


And here is GB energy.


And then there is NPowers latest tarrif. If I stick with them I will get only a £32 pound saving rather than £83. However I like their website, I like their on line app and being easily able to send meter readings, unlike what is mentioned about the ones upo here. They let me have a satationary direct debit where as one of these has two different payments for winter and summer months, and I like the fact it will be no hassel to change to them, no leaving fee, and the price may well go down. In fact if you look at the figures what actaully changes is the daily standing charges. The KW of fuel is near enough identical. So its all about service charge.


I read it all once more and then


its better the devil you know, for the hassel its not worth the saving. I sign on the dotted line.


I send them a now reading as requested.


And hopfully I wil start saving straight away L.O.L.


And with that I check my balance, look at the time and think hell I’d better get to bed.


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