Wednesday, April 13, 2016

I weed The Garden


When I wake up this morning the bedroom windoews arew all steamed up!


I walk to the station in the wonderful sunshine.


Erm it is time to change next month, I can’t believe M&S are selling energy, and pants.


And on that thought, quick everyone up in your lofts! I love the metro.


At dinner time I remember to call to book a ticket, before they all go. Hopefully it will be sunny.


I catch the late train home. And on Carraige 4 I have to share a table.


So while here I start looking at what other offers may be available to me. Now the one thing I like about NPower is the app. For me it is good, I like keeping an eye on my readings and sending them in, so I know how much it is costing me.


Now when your using this sit you need to make sure that the settings are ….


To this, as it set to show you a £20 saving, but at the moment it is actually only £7 from what I am paying (on my rate) as I’m not pay the variable rate, yet. Most of these are missleading, so make sure the right box is selected to show the true lower saving. So I can save £7 a month by swapping to a new supplier that is not npower. Is it worth swapping supplier?


Or I can stick with npower and swapp tarrif to this latest new one and save £3 a month from what I am paying now.


And with that Matt offers to cook me tea one night. I’ll be looking forward to that, although not the lamb flavour. Yuk.


And then somehow I go and have a cup of tea outside again, only to end up weeding the whole garden.


By the time I come in I’m tired. I make some tea and settle in for some GTAV playing with the others, only I’m too tired to move my thumbs. So instead Iput on the next Danny Dyer film and nod off on the sofa!


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