Thursday, April 28, 2016

UU Tube


So today it is nice to have a short lie in. The meeting this morning starts at a reasonable 11am.


I queue in the Cannock traffic. And as I look at the Mini clubman in front I hope Zoe doesn’t want to upgrade to this ugly monstertory. Where are Mini going with their modern designs! They are thinking out of the box, and I guess there is only so long you can see the original mini before there are so many of them that you need to come up with something new, even if newer isn’t actually better, well in looks. It looks very American, and perhaps there is a reason why.


I’m in my own monsteroitory. I park the ford focus up at Birchwood Center car park Warrington, having already found the office complex where I need to go awhile later.


And head into McD’s for a relax.


A coffee and a refresher on the paperwork.


A couple of minutes later I’m there, and yes that's my finger.


As it happens, in the world of UU, they have something called UU tube! The meeting ends in a way I did not expect, and some bonding of partners happens. It’s time to had back,


The weather though has changed somewhat, and it is a wet, wet, wet, wet, wet journey back. Some of it at a standstill due to the wetness.


On the way back I go to the butchers of 30 years.


I have a chat, they take card and I take away a supply of his own sausages and bacon. He tells me after I eat this I’ll be back, and do I really need so much?


I put it in the fridge and some in the freezer.


Outside it is wet still.


The pigeon though has come to eat.


The weeds are growing well.


Some of them better than others.


And with that I start to clean the house and do my washing.


The cleaning though becomes a big task.


As I clean I clean more and more and more. It become the big clean.


In fact I can’t remember the house ever being this clean. I change the bed linen and relax briefly in the back bedroom for one last lie down in here for some time.


I go down stairs play Fallout 4 in the clean living room and then


Go to bed in the front room, back to the front room once more.

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