Thursday, April 14, 2016

Wet, Boring, Nothingness


I’m not in the mood today, why? I don’t know. Is it a reflection on the conversation I had with Amazon girl on the train earlier in the week. She obviously thought I was younger than I am, and that came to a shock to her! We didn’t know weather to laugh or go home a commit sucide at the end of it. In fact what did the other commutters even think of our conversation. What matters though is life is looking much better for her.


I sit and read my book. Today the train is rammed, or it appears to be


as no one is sitting in their nomral seats, including me.


At Wallsal I stare at the floor.


I ponder what the day will hold. I guess it won’t be good.


And with that I check out the Google maps situation. I’m half way. But really I already knew that.


I haven’t been to Cannock cinema lately. What is on there now its not the holidays I ponder, and have a look.


On the way home it rains. It rains on the way to the station, it rains at the station, it rains at the interconnecting station, it rains when I get off the train, it rains as I walk the walk back towards home. As I get past the hopsital all damp and wet I see a rainbow, and while it is raining on me I take a photo. It is a nice rainbow.


And as I get close to home the rainbow is still there. I ponder where the two ends are? IMG_20160414_185250

Less of the pondering and more of getting out of my wet clothes. I look out of my bedroom window.


It is definetly raining harder now.


Hopefully though, it wil be doing my plants good.




And with that I ponder somemore on what I’ll have for tea. And as it happens I make a curry.


Chicken curry that is. It’s okay, but not great.


Before I close my eyes, its time to check out some tips from George for my fallout 4 playing. Eerm I’ll have to try and remember this.


And with that I check the early train time. I can’t believe I’m going to try this.


"Nowhere Near The End Of the Rainbow"
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