Thursday, May 19, 2016

A New Vision


I wake up get breakfast and then get ready to hit the road.


First though I look inside my Mx5 and


get the mileage.


Well kilometerage. So that's about 105K in miles.


Then I get in a different car and head north.


Sometime later


I’m here again. My names on the gate so I can come in. I recall when I went with the Director of my company to one of these type of establishments, and while my name was on the list, his wasn’t. They didn’t want to let him in, I did want them to let him in, and I can recall him saying but I’m his boss and the director of the company he works for! We’ll leave it there.


The journey home wasn’t so good. So I didn’t make it back to the office.


Instead I used the time wisely and headed to 4 sight in Walsall.


Convenient if you use the train. I sit down and they say well you made it then. They only had one appointment spot. The optician was chatty , and insisted after a history check to do a field of vision check if it had been that important in the past to make me go to hospital to do one many years ago.


The assistant helps me choose a frame.


And here are the options unless your me.


So I choose some frames, which I'm told isn’t there any others you would like instead. Nope I like these. They are the worst ones for your prescription they tell me. After a session, a consultation with the optician and an expression of what how thick the edges will be even with the thinnest lenses they are ordered.


And here is the bill. £244 quid for one set. Now the 2 for one at Spec savers cost me £350.00. Erm. The lenese though from Kodak are far better as I’ve had them in the past. The coating doesn’t come off, like the ones a vision express and spec savers.


The thing about this car is it is happy to bluetooth talk to my phone. And easily. It even plays my tunes off it!


And amazingly for a petrol car it does 43.2mpg!


Eventually I get home…….I’m tired.


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