Friday, May 06, 2016

Although I don’t know that because I haven’t tried it.


I should have packed last night. Can I get any more in?


At work I get a text from Zoe saying I will probably need some walking boots. I respond, I think i have that covered!


As I get to work I head to the canteen. Where is everyone?


I order a breakfast, but this week just a normal one.


Even this will be enough, I feel so full.


I pack the Wallperfect from Ideaworld in a box as per their instructions and leave a note inside as per their instructions


and put lables on it as per there instructions.


I do ponde though that although it is being collected they have not aske de to put an address on it. Will the courier have a sticker or are they just going to put a bar code on it?


I put my do not disturb hat on for the rest of the afternoon. Which gets everyone disturbing me asking, why are you wearing your fez?


Sometime later up north near Manchester I’m not going anywhere fast.


As in stationary!


I get to Alan and Zoe’s and head on in. “Where’s Alan? Zoe” I ask. Nack he could n’t wait for you and went ot he pub without us! I promptly get a text – where the hell are you? It is Alan, he seems eager.


Zoe shows me  how the fireplace is coming on, and asks me to call Mat. Matt doesn’t answer. Then the door knocks. I go and answer it. It is Matt.


We peer up Zoe’s chimmney. It is dark and webby.


And then someone asks I you seen our ktichen door. Well as it happens yes. I get a text “When are you leaving the house?” He must know what we are looking at. Has he got the camera on?


I’m not going to say what it was Mat said. But he had a solution to the problem. Keep the door open.


We did leave the house. The thing was none of us knew where we where going and that I didn’t realise until we where near the Blossoms, When I rememebred Google salker and probably why Alan knew I had not left his house! A while later


We where at the Brewery.


And making oursleves at home.


Alan though wasn’t alone anyway. So two things. Alan looked happy and was sitting with two girls. Zoe looked very happy, as in very happy. And then Alan asked, just how may bottles of beer did she drink at home? It’s got to be siad crypitc beer is nice. It must be we drank loads. We where the last poeple to leave.


Now Zoe didn’t come to the Blossoms. She didn’t want to, she prefred to play GTAV to my company. Which left Alan with me. And luckily he loves my company. So we played some sports.


He couldn’t work out though how I’d managed to score so highly.


And try as he might


he couldn’t get enough points to catch me.


Now surely we had, had enough at the brewery, but some nights just keep going. And while Alan said he didn’t want another drink, he had a whiskey.


Which lead to tea at a famous landmark.


I had a twelve incher, he had a nine.


He had a huge bag of food, I had fries I didn’t need.


In the house there was no sign of Zoe. Where was she? Had she come home? She hadn’t been in the living room. She hadn’t been on the PS4. She hadn’t been in the kitchen. And with that we stopped worrying and ate our nine incher and twevle inchers. Following that I could hear the neighbour Alan keeps moaning about, although Alan had fell asleep on the sofa in an instant while I chattred to him. I tried to wake him, I tried so hard. I tried to pick him up, but he’s heavier than you think. I really didn’t want to leave him there when I knew he had such a comfy bed, although I don’t know that because I haven’t tried it.


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