Friday, May 27, 2016

Lucky Bamboo


I take the oppurtunity to use the MX5 this morning. With it being the bank holiday the M6 should be quiet this morning. I am wrong.


I get to work though in time for breakfast. And while I shouldn’t I do,


I have the big one.


On the way home the traffic is worse. Much worse. It take me ages to get to junction 9 and the B&Q.


Once there I’m in for a shocker too. This stuff is £36,95 a tub. I quickly look on the internet whilst in the store. Hell this is the cheapest place. I though this was £25 a tub. Oh well I’m going to get on with it and get the flexible friend out.


Back at home sometime latter I enter the house to find my mom has been round and left me some lucky Bamboo. The last lot I had died….


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