Saturday, May 07, 2016



I am awoken early by the sound of Zoe’s excited voice. I get up and with it as it is time to go before we have even got out of bed. We go and get her dad, he’s got an estate car and head off to somewhere near Maclesfeild. Sometime later we are here.


So Nack are you excited she asks. Yeah ‘ve always want a red telpehone box for the garden.


a couple of lions


and a pergoda.


We wonder the area full of reclaimed items. Inparticular where a coupole of warriors. These I told Zoe would look good either side of there near fire place feature. She asks how much they are.


Having carried one log up to the recetion area with her dad, Zoe pays for it and then decides the other one was better after all. We take the log back to were we got it from and swap it over. We slide it into her dads car and the rest of us get on Zoe’s.


We leave the excitment behind, along with the warroiers, lions and pergoda. Ad lets not forget the telephone box, which would proably make a good carrort planter.


A quick stop off at the allotment and we arrive back and put the log down in the back room.


We then do a bit of shopping for dinner and have a drink from the Funky Monkey.


I love some of the plants in the garden.


We relax a while until it is time to head round Rosies for her birthday celebration. We take with us a pop up table set which while is not instantly heavey soon becomes so. I know, I carried most of the way, although Zoe did say many times, I’ll take it off you Nack if you want. I was glad to get it there through the door and into the patio area where everyone was sat and most of the seats already taken. There was cake galore, at first strong, very strong tea, and even some pims for while the sun was shining. Surrounded by strangers Nack want to crawl up a corner, but enjoyed the MX5 take with Gene and Brendons chat about a programs, actors and the muppets. Yay George turned up and we rambled about Fallout 4. A few hours past very quickly and it was time to head to a bar. That was after a group of us first returned to Zoe, were I got my coat. Second time running around Rosie without a coat and it looked like I was going to be hit by the edangering clouds and rain again that had appeared.


Sometime later we were in the Remedy Bar. Nice light bulbs.


Nice beer.


Nice company.


The group spilt up, Roise want home and well me, Alan, George and Zoe stayed. And stayed and Darren came along with Amy and Sam from down under but not Austrailia, from New Zealand. Flying back soemtime soon and had ventured to the delights of Wolverhampton whilst being living in the UK.


At some point we left. As a group togeather still.


That was until we reached the Blossoms. Where the two girls went home leaving Barbillards






And Darren playing in a very competive manner, a very competive sport.


We should have gone home much earlier.


But we didn’t! I know I’m going to regret this int he morning I though as I hit the soft bedding.


"Nowhere Near The End Of the Rainbow"
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