Wednesday, June 29, 2016

There is only so much you can say to plants


I get up and the garden is still there. Not much has happened this week and I’ve mainly gardened. It is a never ending task.


During times of austerity shopping last weekend, I had to decide on the box of Tesco 45p box of cornstalks or something dearer. I don't like cheap cornflakes, but I ended up buying them after checking the ingredients and quantities. They were all the same. I got a pack to see if they tasted like cornflakes should. A moment to remember before food becomes so expensive I get thin. As it happens though they do. They are really nice cornflakes.


When I get home my first direct shipment of contact lenses has come. I used to collect them from the store, but that has now all changed.


I look in my contact lens draw. Erm full.


A reshuffle and I’m now ready to sell some on ebay! And yes I only have one green bottle. The blue stuff may well come in handy as weed killer!


I spend another evening talking to the plants. There is only so much conversation though you can have with them until you feel you are being ignored.


I have however done lots of potting, sunflower seeding, where I guess it has been so wet 95% of the seed I have put in have either rotted or been eaten. And with the six bags of soil I got from Asda I have put soil in various areas of the boarders in the hope it might help.


As I say I have done a lot of potting!


I go to bed, I’m still in the back room enjoying the peacefulness of it, and the wonderful plastered walls.


I open a box of chocolates and


eat all by one. Wow these are nice!

And with that I watch this video for the ninth time, still laughing. This is so good. There are other versions of this, but this is the best.


I wonder what Switzerland are thinking?

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