Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Dear John


I sit on the train listening to James’ new album. I think Dear john is my favourite song.


A New Milestone means December 2017! So every sunday the line will be shut until then.


I have done my Asbestos Awareness Course. I’m worrid now. Face mask a must even for sleeping in bed!


Can you believe it is some 6 years ago I sold the Cavailer, never to be seen again. Oh the simple engineering, the  adventures it gave me and the mega miles we did togeather.


Tonight unlike last night I get the first train home. I have a lot of work on at work but also when I get home I need to get the back bedroom finished.


I get the facemask on and put some keys in my mouth.


I put back togeather the Dyson and turn her on!


After the sanding I ut on the peacock green paint. It dribbles everywhere.


A snad of the under window area and a thick coat or two.


Operation clean up starts, and the floor is cleaned for the first time. Some of the furniture is moved back. I come to put the curtain tie hooks back on and I think, oh no where are the holes. But worse! Where did I put one of them! I only seem to have the one!


By the time I finish it is late. I decide to have chips, but as I walk to the chippy I see the lights go out. Oh hell I’m going to have to cook!

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