Thursday, June 23, 2016

Six Six Six


I get home and get out my polling card and head around the corner, where I find a queue to get in. I hand over my card and she tries to find me on the list. After flicking through the page, “Ah there you are. OOOOhhh look at that, your number 666 on the list, how ominous. There you go sir” And with that I vote.


Its not the only thing I fid at home. My car has been returned to me. And with that my dad’s Mk 2 Skoda Superb has been repaired. Although from what I read on the web this is a design fault by the VAG engineers, and seems to happen to a lot of the Diesel powered cars of this year EGR fails at 60K miles. If so an expensive design fault, but then they never return the part so you can see why it has failed. So is the new part modified or have they fitted the same part ad the car needs to be traded in before the next 60K miles are covered?


I turn the box on for  change, I know the Big Bang Theory will have been I that I can watch and enjoy, but no, it looks like 24 was the last one. Luckily whilst on holiday I had not seen last weeks so I did get to see that.


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