Sunday, June 26, 2016



Its been a while since I have posted due to being busy doing things and then being tired from doing things. So I doubt I will catch up on the Blogg and I’m starting here, if I get time I’ll go backwards. So I get a long power lead and connect it to the fridge and the solar panel inverter. Did it work? No.


I had a lie in until 11am and it was nice. But once up and in the garage I got the mower out and well mowed my lawn.


And it so nice again. And so was the weather. I was going to have breakfast but


I could see the neighbours front garden was well over grown and I had not seen them for a bit. I went round and knocked on the door. The news was sad, her husband had passed away when I was on holiday. She was happy for a chat, and I suggested I sorted her lawn out for her. It was the first time my newer battery ever went flat.


While it charged I made some breakfast and enjoyed the outside world.


I went back and finished the lawn and then did it a second time. Wow it is so lovely spongy. Amazing. We had a good chat together. Sometimes we all need some company.


The bamboo I got yesterday and the plant pots from Home Bargains were sorted.


I even planted the three plants, one of which the store holder gave to me to finish of the set they had.


I spent the rest of the afternoon planting seeds.


They should be nice but I need some more soil.


As I wander the garden I notice that the expensive QVC lilies I got this year are truly going to be


something special by the looks of it.


And with that I pack away


And head around my parents for some Sunday dinner.


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