Friday, July 22, 2016

Everything Is Cool Now


I go to work in my dad’s car, and then after another pain in thearse day head home, that is to my parents home. It looks like I may move back in the amount of times I’m back there.


Wow my mom’s loopin seeds have started to grow already


Why do mine not grow Sad smile?


My dad gives me the bill.


The car is working again, no leak, the car had run out of gas. But there isn’t a leak. The engineer siad it would need refilling in 3 years time again most likely. He also explained that when the comressor pulley came off it was because there was a lack of gas in it which get the compressor hotter than normal, melts the bolt sealant and hence comes undone. Well thats that explained, but not where the gas went!


Anway, the car is cool now. Really really cool.


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