Monday, July 18, 2016

I Think Its Going To Be A Girl


I get up and enjoy my cornflakes. And head off to work.


On the way home I fancy some company and see if the Greenies would be Welcoming.


We talk about Pokemon and I get it working in my phone. There are 3 in the area and so I head outside. Where has it gone. And then I turn round. Wow it is right at their front door! Yay I catch my first Pokemon!


For the rest of the evening we all settle down to watch GhostBusters.


As in the orginal from my child hood!


On a retro CRT TV.


It was well atmosheric!


This lady hasn’t got a clue what is going to hit her. After that we play several games of the kids favourite UNO.


I evenutally head home. There is a bank statment waiting for me, ohh look at that, what an intrest rate this account has. If only I’d had in more than 1p!


For tea I have a black pudding. Well many slices of black pudding until it is all gone.


I decide Sara and Gaz are going to have a baby girl and fill out the card I have got.


And then I go and check out my light display.


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