Tuesday, July 26, 2016

I Tug Harder


Today has been the first day Waze has told me to use the M6. So I follow its instructions. At the Legendary RAC center the M6 grinds to a halt.


According to Waze a lorry has caught fire and well we are going to be here for some time. Briilant.


A while later we are slowly moving foward.


And the scene of the diasaster is ahead of us. IMG_20160726_085919

One hopes they got out alright.


Can you imagine the call to the boss. “You know that delivery I was ment to be making this morning….”


Anyone going north bound, just wasn’t, for miles, even when I got off for Birmingham the queue went on for as long as you could see.


Some time later back home, I can’t open the back door. All the locks are open but the paint is firmly fixed to the door and the door frame.


I tugg harder and luckily the door frame stays in place whilst the door moves. You never know with this house. Outside my plant in the pots are doing well and need planting soon or giving away.


I have also received a postcard from the Blue Dot Festival Smile. I hope the weather kept well for them and they all had a great time. The big dish looks awsome.


Rog turns up, he doesn’t want tea, he doesn’t want to mow the lawn. I explain how tired I am and also my ear issue, but hey I still want to go. Rog gets a plant, although what he is actually getting I don’t know!


And so at 8:45pm we head off down tot he bottom of the road, to


the Chase Leasure Center.


Yes we actually get some exercise! It is good, it is wonderful, oh my how I forget how much I love to swim in water. I’m now so very very clean.


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