Monday, July 11, 2016

Not That It Matters


Monday morning and when I get to work I check the bosses battery.


ohhh look at that, it has fixed it. Not perfectly but enough to be good enough to use on a daily basis.


For dinner is sauage and mash, and it is a really nice dinner.


Sometimes our canteen comes up trumps, randomly. Still I have started eating here everyday I can. One less chore back home and now I buy less for the fridge.


The bergonias I have in the house are doing well.


The ones i have put outside are looking better and are starting to recover from the shock of being moved from indoors to outdoors. Rosie’s Bergonia has someway to go but is looking healthier than mine outdoors.


I decide that what I need outside is some colour. I plum for Loopins. They are apparently easy to grow, grow well in bad soil, and also fertilse soil. So you can’t go wrong. I buy several types off ebay after looking at QVC’s expensive collection. Don’t get me wrong if they are as good as the lillies I had from there, they would in fact not be expensive, but wonderous. Anyway there should also self seed so a few will turn into many. And then I think back to the wooded area on the walk from Tenby to Saundersfoot, where there were loads and loads and loads of purple ones for as far as the eye could see. I could do with not quiet so many though!


With all my reviews of curry houses, The last one being the Dilshad in Chadsmore I have made it to level four just in time.


Oddly the toliet pub seems to get the most hits!


Although pizza express in Leeds isn’t doing bad!


I put a Lovefilm on and accednittaly press on the controller. A new menu comes up! Look, Look, Look, that setting I’ve been searching for, there it is. I change it to bitstream and my ears are filled with surround sound.


The blue light comes on, on the amp.




Like a lot of things in life though, not that it matters, its a foriegen film with subtitles!


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