Thursday, July 28, 2016

Red Herring


Having only been so very very very ill living on my own once, it wasn’t pleasant when I needed help. This morning though I was in a mess and struggled. I get up and feel out of balance. I’m as usual getting up in autpiolt but ealrier as I need to be at work by 7am. However I need to hold both banasters as I go down the stairs. When I walk across the living room it is all moving. By the time I reach the bathroom the world is spinning and I’m vomiting. At least I made it to the bathroom. I very soon learn that being on the floor is the most comfortable place to be. If I lift my head I want to vomit almost immeditetly. So I can’t get up… I crawl back to the living room grab the phone and call the parents for help. The phone is not answered. I need to be vomit again. I crawl to the bathroom and throw. I call and call until the phone is answered. And then I throw up again. And then I phone work, where the only person the phone call goes to is the MD being so early, and whom seems more concered than my parents, as they know I live alone and can proably here I’m in distress. When the parents do turn up and it seems an awful long time to not move on the bathroom floor, they need to phone the doctor. Who is it? good knows? but it is the Red Lion surgery I know that.


The doctor says thats the blocked ear is in fact a red herring and that the problem is Menieres Disease. Soemthing I’ve not heard of before, but then again I didn’t know what shiningles was either this time last year.


I get given some tablets and are reassurade that in about an hour I should be able to move in less discomfort. Some 6 hours later I move to the sofa. By 9pm I’m around my parents house and in my old bed. And that journey was horrible, really horriable. I am however not alone here and being looked after nicely.


Lets just say it is not pleasant. God I hope these pills keep working.

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