Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Red Lion


I probably haven’t slept that well for a long long time. I get up and get ready to be collected to be taken to North Wales. I hope there is a solution to the problem. A problem I was not expecting and is going to cause a whole lot of grief.


Back at home early, mainly from getting to site early I decide to go to the doctors without an appointment and see if my ear can be taken a look at. I’ve had blocked ears before but this is whistling too like never before.


To be frank I expected them to say there were no appointments, even though I was willing to sit and wait until the closed. As it happens they had no slots, but she suggested that they could try me booking into the hospital N Surgery. There was two slots, one with a nurse early and one with a doctor later. I went with the doctor one in case it was an ear infection.


To burn some time and because Specsavers keep contacting me about my contact lens check-up I go on the off chance they will see me too. Also being the fact that I have my contact lenses in today having gone to site. They will at a certain time. So I go and get some dinner and George & Berties around the corner.


Before you know it I’m in Specsavers and they are doing their thing. They are however trying to change my contact lenses “to something that would be cheaper for me”. One ponders though if these new type lenses I have and as I claim “the best ever contact lenses I’ve ever had” have not been widely sold and now they want to discontinue them. As noted by the optician the daily ones don’t come in my exact prescription, But they are going to send me some to try anyway.


after going home and doing some work, work, and go back to the hospital where I get to see a doctor quickly. The diagnosis is my right ear is completely blocked and the left one isn’t far behind. You can definitely hear with you left one? Yes. Well the left one we can’t see if there is an infection as there is too much wax. You need to go back to your surgery and arrange to have the wax removed. I go back to the Red Lion Surgery which is still open. I explain only to be told that there is a 3 week wait to see the nurse! What! This is driving me mad! I need the wax out this week. As such I either need to wait until 11am when the doctor will receive the report from upstairs and put in a request for the ear clean or call at 8am and make an appointment to see him. I love this place.


I go home do some more work and then decide to put the tent up. How big is it and is it small enough to put it up myself?


Well its bigger than I expected, and I can’t seem for the life of me to get the front beam in the tags at the bottom. I can however get the done up on my own, and its a tall dome. I ponder if it is as big as the other tent. Well its not but I think it is as tall.


My parents come round, see my ear is doing my head in and go to a fish and chip shop to get me some tea.


I admire the flowers that sprung to life.


When will my other plants grow?


I plant some of the plants from the pots.


Here and there.


Grow plants grow.


The small roses seem to have taken nicely.


And the crimson ones too.


Although the vine does not seem to have established yet. Its the single leaf in the top right hand corner.


With that I get ready to go to bed.


As the sun sets I have no idea what I’m going to wake up to.

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