Thursday, July 21, 2016

The Full Treatment


After a long day at work getting no where I head around my parents to drop my car off, not this one.


Whilst here I check on progress of the works.


The other aside has moved on and is


looking good.


I sit with my dad who tells me he is looking for an MX5 on Ebay. He looks at the cheap ones, and I tell why they are cheap.


Then suggest he may be better off with a Diahatsui Coopen.


When I get back home I go into the garage and get out the wood preserver. I fill a spray bottle and then spray the door. It soaks into the dry wood very well. This should help if it rains, and with so much abosorbed the door has got the full treatment for years to come.


Indoors and before I go to bed, I win a game for the Saturn. Sega Ages. I havn’t brought a retro game for some time.


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