Monday, July 25, 2016

The Neigbours are Leaving!


I get up, my ear is still blocked having blocked yesterday afternoon, I Oytex it and get ready for work.


While its nice that the air con now cools, something else is also happening.


Yesterday I borught a new reversing camera online as it has not worked for months. This morning the sodding thing springs back to life!


At home I decide to put on the Phatnoise the new Teleman Album and the Public Broacasting Service one too. I put the drive in the holder and


boot up the windows XP laptop I have got. I turn on the Phatnoise music manager and wait for it to scan the server library of music for anything new. As it happens for once it does it rather eiffiecently and the music is added as quickly as if using an SD card.


With the laptop out I check out the house that has gone up for sale. Howevefr it is not the one but next, which people have been avidly stripping out and rebuilding, but actually next door!


It is on the market for the price mine originaly was. So lets have a nose for ideas.


The house has a slightly different layout with the rear door actually going to the rear, and the bathroom being a slightly different layout.


It loosks nice outside now but I would paint the fence.


Wow the kitch looks modern and airy, with wall mounted cupboards I’d like but have not got!


Smart and simple bathroom with edge tiling I’d like to implement in mine without doing a whole retile. I need a dremil and a steady hand.


And I love the shiney floor of the living room.


And the grey works well ont he wallls.


Now there ar upstairs photos but lets have some privacy.


Its noticable that the fence looks better their side than mine.


But like mine they have a nice sizable garden. What a nice home.


Now if you have shares in the Nackuk blogg I would suggest that now is the time to sell them.


It would appear everyone in the world wants to change the gearbox oil in their skodas. So there will also be a gearbox oil shortage a the VW distributor too.


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