Thursday, August 25, 2016



The train is delayed. Ie isn’t late, it may well not be coming. Then it is coming. Then it is coming faster than expected. Then it is coming only with two carriages, and then it is already full.


Now before I say this please bear in mind that my mom was in a wheel chair for a long time. So a few stops later the train is even fuller. It stops and although the next rain will be coming sirposidly in ten minutes they insist on getting a whellchiar user on. Surely it would have been wise if they had asked if they could catch the next train or not. This casues a commotion of poeple squashing to get out of the disabled area and for the conidcutor to get on the train where the ramps are kept.


So as it happens the train is more than 15mintues late and I miss my connecting chu chu. Nack tweets to the world and London Midland in a polite way as possible.


I do the unthinkable and finally book my boiler in for a service with these guys. They only do serivces on mondays and Tuesdays , which is great as my dad asked me to arrange it on any Thursday. They seemed delighted when I told them it was a Worcester Bosche Juinor. Hopefully that means they can still get the spare parts for my 2005 installed boiler.


And with that I get home to find a movie is waiting for me. I set the house up in a relaxing way and hope I can hear my way through it.


Wow what a film, what a determined person.


And what a wonderful way the film was done, to make this into a story that unfolds in a very interesting way.


Eddit the Eagle I’m glad I didn’t see in the cinema, as its one of those movies meant to be watched at home.


Fab, great, if only I was so determined.


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