Wednesday, August 31, 2016

The Big Splash


I get a call from Rog asking if swimming is on or not. Yeah its on. Getting out would be good. He says he willcollect me from the station and


I ask if he wants to have tea at mine. I get off the station and head into the mini Asda next to the station. Jerd’s store from his history. I let hime know I’m going in.


Wow so much in such a small area. Put where do they put the pasta‘


It takes a lot of searching, in fact at one point I thought it was the only thing they didn’t stock. I even got pate.


Rog said though he thought we didn’t need a starter.


He was right, and there was some left for tommorrows dinner.


We decide to eat outside in the evenings fresh air.


And while Rog looks like he is not enjoying it, he was, or so he said.


Now it may look like we didn’t go swimming.


But we did!

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